Giuliano (Giulio) Antoniol PhD Ing

Canada Research Chair in Software Change and Evolution

Currently Full Professor at:

Département de Génie Informatique et Génie Logiciel

École Polytechnique de Montréal

Pavillons Lassonde, MacKay-Lassonde

2500, chemin de Polytechnique

Montréal, (Québec) Canada, H3T 1J4

Local: M-4021

e-mail: antoniol at ieee dot org

tel: (+1) 514 – 340 4711 ext 2027

fax: (+1) 514 – 340 4657

From January to June 2016 I will be sabbatical at FBK, Trento, Italy

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ICSME 2016 ICST 2016 ICSE 2016 GECCO 2016 SCAM 2015