From Winter 2013, I teach a new graduate class on advanced software testing LOG6305, former INF6305 with updated content:the testing course is on object oriented testing, automatic test input data generation, reliability and security.

Notice that starting from 2015, this class will be in the tough i the intensive summer term from April to end of June.

LOG6305 focuses on software testing and quality assurance. Software technologies are used in all facets of our lives, and are key factors in the success of the several industries, including the telecommunications, biomedical, automotive and aerospace industries. All of these industries develop, subcontract and/or acquire significant amounts of software every year. This vast amount of software needs to be tested to ensure safety, security and acceptable quality levels.

Software testing is costly, since software systems tend to be highly complex and large in size. It is highly human-intensive and consumes up to 50% of project resources. People with experience and knowledge in testing are highly required in the industry.

This course addresses the many difficulties striven when assuring defined quality with finite amount of resources, reliability and security levels. A non negligible part of course is devoted to automatic test input data generation and thus cost reduction while ensuring high quality